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We offer a range of tools and accessories which are available as part of our system or can be purchased in isolation. For further information click on the option required: 

Fuel Filters 

The Crow Environmental Fuel filters have been specifically designed for use by ELV operators who want to use the fuel recovered in their own vehicles without fear of damaging their engine. The filter removes water and particles down to 5 micron in size, ensuring your fuel is safe to use even in the latest common rail engine. 
Suitable for Gasoline and Diesel 
Disposable Filter element 
Removes water and particles down to 5 microns 
Water indicator sight glass with drain tap 
Fuel element condition indicator 
Simple to fit 
Recommended by the leading car and engine manufacturers 
Your vehicle is too valuable to chance it 

Sump Busters 

The air power sump buster is a simple and effective method of breaking a hole into a sump where there is no easily removed sump plug. The unit creates a round hole to bleed the engine oil which can then be sealed with a plastic plug. 

Shock Absorber Draining Syetems 

The SADS provides a quick, simple and safe system for draining shock absorbers. The unit integrates a hydraulic tool which punctures the shock absorbers and drains the majority of the fluid.  
The tool is then removed and the residual fluid extracted through the punctured hole with the wandering suction hose. 
The hydraulic tool incorporates a seal to minimise fluid leakage during the puncting operation. In the stand alone format the system is mounted with a mobile suction tank to evacuate and hold the fluid.  
The whole operation takes less than a minute The system is air powered and requires 10 cfm of air at 7 bar. 

Oil Filter Crusher 

112T of crushing force to squeeze out every last drop of oil. Simply turning an oil filter upside down typically leaves over 20% of the oil trapped in the filter. Our oil filter unit exerts over 12T of crushing force on to the filter to squeeze out every last drop. Simply place the filter in the cabinet, press the button and let the unit do the rest. Requires an electrical power supply. 
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