CATALYTIC DE-CANNER  US TEL: 540 255 4909 CANADA: 705 443 7250 

The unit uses a Guillotine to cut the CAT and then squash the can to crush the inner core, allowing easy extraction of the valuable ceramic and dust. he material is stored in a 45 gal drum mounted under the work table. 
The Guillotine is fully interlocked to meet European and American HSE requirements. The whole process is done within a dust extraction hood ensuring every grain of dust is recovered. Unlike other units on the market there is no need for high level working platforms or tented areas. 
A pulverizer is available as an optional extra for those wanting to minimize their shipping volume. 
In a recent test the difference between selling the CATs to a recognized dealer and selling the de-canned material was over a 37% increase in the return, giving the machine an amazing pay back of just 8 weeks if you process 100 CATs a week. 
We would generally recommend the addition of our process standard fuel filter one on each of the Gasoline and Diesel lines which can remove particles down to 5 micron and water from the fuel ensuring any fuels pumped to the clean tanks is safe for use in your own vehicles. 
Suitable for Gasoline and Diesel, Metal or Plastic tanks 
Replaceable seal 
Can be retro fitted to most systems 
No vapour or fuel leakage during extraction process 
Simple to use 
No heat generation or swarf produced in the puncturing process 
Atex certified 
Requires 5cfm of compressed air at 7 bar 
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