The midi unit is ideal for either the smaller operator 20-60 cars per week or the car breaker where the depollution unit needs to serve two work stations. 
The Crow Midi system is specificially designed for breakers or scrap companies who are looking for maximum flexibility from their depollution system. Based on Crows VDU technology the midi unit has the advantage it can be used between two lifts or frames allowing the oils, waters and fuels to be drained and pumped directly to remote storage tanks. 
The control panel is dual sided, on one side is the engine bay draining equipment with an arm which can swing through 180 deg, on the opposite side the free standing fuel system. 
The engine bay panel include simple clearly marked controls for the oil and water pumps.  
Probes exist for the engine bay hydraulic oil and water resevoirs, two large funnels are on the arm to drain the engine and gearbox oil and a spike is included to drain the radiator water. 
The Crow Fuel Extraction system is on the rear of the panel. Attached by a 6m hose thetool is able to be positioned as required under the vehicle tank. Selector levers on the panel allow fuel to be pumped to either a clean Petrol, clean Diesel or Dirty fuel tank. The clean fuel can be processed through the unique Crow filtering system. 
Fluids are pumped directly to the fluid storage tanks. 
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