For clients only concerned with safely and effectively removing of Fuels from the vehicle we offer our fuel extraction tool and fuel pumping panel. 
The Crow Environmental Fuel extraction tool punctures the tank from under the vehicle. The simple to use unit is pumped up by the hydraulic stand to seal against the underside of the fuel tank. The spike is pushed through the tank wall by the pneumatic drive. Fuel is extracted without fluid or vapour being released to atmosphere. The site glass allows the operator to identify the quality of the fuel before deciding whether to send it to the dispensing or dirty fuel tanks. 
The pumping panel is designed to make operation as simple as possible with both colour and pictorial symbols showing the function of each control. The panel can be either floor or wall mounted and comes as standard with 6m of hose to the extraction tool. 
The pumping panel sucks the fuel from the vehicle and pumps it away to one of three storage tanks for either Clean Petrol, Clean Diesel or Dirty fuel. 
We would generally recommend the addition of our process standard fuel filter one on each of the Petrol and Diesel lines which can remove particles down to 5 micron and water from the fuel ensuring any fuels pumped to the clean tanks is safe for use in your own vehicles. 
Suitable for Petrol and Diesel, Metal or Plastic tanks 
Replaceable seal 
Can be retro fitted to most systems 
No vapour or fuel leakage during extraction process 
Simple to use 
No heat generation or swarf produced in the puncturing process 
Atex certified 
Requires 5cfm of compressed air at 7 bar 

FUEL EXTRACTION SYSTEM - MOBLIE  Fuel recovery and storage system 

Utilises Crows unique fuel extraction unit to either pierce the fuel tank and extract fuel from under teh car or siphon fuel out throught the filler pipe, sender unit or fuel line. The fuel extraction tool punches the tank removing the production of swarf or the need for vertical movement during the puncturing process, thus allowing the unit to maintain a positive seal to the fuel tank creative a fail safe operation. 
Petrol is sucked from the vehicle by an air operated pump built into a mobile Kuli. Any vapour displaced in the Kuli is passed through an activated carbon filter which removes all traces of hydro carbon before it is exhausted to atmosphere. Diesel is handled by a similar Kuli but with a venturi to create the vacuum to extract the fuel. 
Both Kulis have the ability to then dispence the fuel either into storage tanks or back into the operators own vehicles. 
The systems is ATEX compliant. 
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